Dreams to Reality

Solken Technology has come a long way from just being a thought from two high school students to becoming a living breathing business.

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Our Story

In early 2017 Solomon Antoine and Ken Nguyen came up with the idea of a phone charger that generates its own power. They wanted people to be able to generate power for their phones as needed by spinning a device located on the charger. Although they worked tirelessly on the project, it become clear that they didn't have the resources at the time to generate enough power in a hand held device. This failure sparked the dream of building a technology company. The first three letters from Solomon's name and the only three letters from Ken's name were put together forming the name Solken, and thus the company was born. Solken technology LLC was officially established November 21st, 2017. The Co-Founders of Solken Technology LLC Include Solomon Antione, Ken Nguyen, D'Angelo Tines, and Haron Arama.

Meet the awesome team behind Solken. We will do whatever we can to assist you and provide the best service. We pride ourselves on both excellent customer service and results.

D'Angelo Tines

Member, Co-founder

Haron Arama

Member, Co-Founder

Ken Nguyen

Manager, Co-founder

Solomon Antoine

Manager, Co-founder