Reliable Technological Services

Solken is unique in that we can assist you in multiple areas of your business


Our Practice Areas


Our goal at Solken Technology is to equip you with the fundamental and technical tools you need in order to be successful in the crypto space.


We provide customers with professionally done websites that fit their visual appeal and affordability. Feel free to fill out our free evaluation to get an estimate on your website.


We specialize in establishing e-commerce sites, specifically Shopify stores. We can help you set up your website and social media presence for your e-commerce store.


At Solken Technology, we can assist you in establishing a social media presence. Our strengths include Instagram & Twitter, though we are capable of assisting you in working with Facebook & LinkedIn.


At Solken Technology, we can assist you to seek the most viable tech solutions. Whether it be migrating your platform to a new server, or choosing the best language for your new app idea, we can help!


With our knowledge in mobile and hybrid app development, here at Solken Technology we can assist in bringing your idea to life. With our skills in frameworks like React/Ionic Native framework we can get your app out in no time!

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